Welcome Faculty!


This blog is our commitment to opening additional lines of communication.

Here’s what the Office of Distance Education (ODE) does for you:

  • D2L Support
  • Instructional Design & Development
  • Explore and Vet New Technologies
  • eLearning Orientation
  • eServices Consulting
  • Blended learning
  • New Course Shells
3 Responses “Welcome Faculty!” →
  1. Hello
    could anyone please expalin how to connect all of the content of an exsiting class including quizs and links to the course buider? I’m not sure I set my course up by using only the course builder.


    • gmcknight8

      August 4, 2013

      Kari, please contact Kristyn Rose or Patti Carlson this week for assistance.

    • Kari,

      Please see the Faculty QuickGuides that are located in the CMU Online tab in MavZone. Instructional videos are there. As of August 8th, we will have NEW QuickGuides for the new D2L version.

      Thank you!
      Kristyn Rose


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