Cool Stuff


When we come across something cool, it’s only right that we share!

Here are some fun web2.o tools to use in your online and blended courses,  and to share with your students!

Haiku DeckTired of using the same old powerpoints in your online or blended course?  Give Haiku Deck a try!  This is a free web-based or ipad app that allows you to create presentations based on their philosophy of : keep it simple, make it beautiful, and have fun.  Create one idea per slide – the emphasis is on the idea!

Glogster Engage your online learners with fun, interactive content.  Create “digital multi-media papers” of images, videos, weblinks, sound, and more with this free tool.

Prezi  A free web-based alternative to Powerpoint. “Prezi makes sharing ideas more fun and engaging.

Toondoo  Deliver content or messages with your own cartoons.

Voki Create an avatar to deliver your news and announcements.

jing2  Free download – create your own screen-capture videos.

timetoast Create timelines and share them with your students, or have them share them with you.

skypeHost a video session with your students and bring your class together in real time.

wordpress  Encourage the sense of community by creating a blog for your students.

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